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Ghost Hunters - Can You Brave ..... The Cage ?

Ghost Hunters - Can You Brave ..... The Cage ?


Ghost Hunters - Can You Brave ..... The Cage ?

Yes, Inspiral are returning once more to that notorious haunted location, The Cage in St Osyths !

Said to be the most haunted place in Britain, the Cage is ostensibly a quaint cottage, but once you enter the building you can immediately feel a sense of foreboding - the Spirits of the Cage do not rest easy....

Inspiral have previously investigated the Cage on several occasions, and every time experienced chilling phenomena, including bangs, doors refusing to open as if someone was holding the handle the other side, manifestations of spirit, and on one never to be forgotten visit, a full-on "walk in" ! 

Our team are very experienced, and all of our investigations are handled extremely professionally - we have visited the Cage on many occasions, and know it well. Our mediums for the night will be :

Ryan Saunders - clairsentient medium, trance and transfiguration medium

Jay Gage - clairvoyant and clairaudient medium

Jay and Ryan have worked together for the past 8 years on paranormal nights, house clearances etc, and are well-versed in these events, so you will be in great hands !

Please note - we are a professional paranormal team, so we do not "spirit bait" or fake evidence. We will also be using Spirit Boards during the night - participation in this, or any other activities is entirely optional.

Tickets are limited, as we will only be taking a group each,  so please book NOW to avoid disappointment. 

Tickets are £45.00 per person

Date 5th May 2017

Times tbc - late Saturday till early hours Sunday

Quantity:  at  £45.00  each

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