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Ouija and Spirit Boards - How To Use Them Safely

Ouija and Spirit Boards - How To Use Them Safely


Ouija and Spirit Boards - How To Use Them Safely

Unfortunately, the Ouija board has suffered a very bad reputation. We have all seen the films, and the tv programmes, where the board causes possession, demons in the house, and all sorts of nasties.

Sound familiar ? Then you need to come along to this mini workshop with Jay Gage. 

The boards are very much maligned, with some deeming them dangerous and evil, and others, like Inspiral seeing them as a fascinating and interactive way to speak to the Spirit World.

We believe that the boards are not evil - after all, they are sheets of printed card - but its the intent of the sitters that deems who comes through.

During this mini-workshop, we will have a brief chat about the history of the boards, cover protection, and opening and closing the boards, a question and answer session, and then of course a session on the board yourself, with an experienced user on each board. 

Location : Grays

Date : 7th April

Price :£15

Times : 8-10pm 

Prebooking required, only 10 places available 

Quantity:  at  £15.00  each

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